Our Services

Prasad Solutions provides a variety of system applications and solutions, which allows the customer in order to meet up with aggressive time-to-market activities, improve efficiency, reduce growth costs, improve and optimize system quality and reduce venture threats.

Prasad Solution’s Program Group ability and desire to work in connection with other companies is a key to our success in providing our customers world-class solutions to their company needs. We help our customers in modifying their company and technological issues. Prasad Solutions Information Group provides many IT  Outsourcing services.  We provide these services in an outstanding manner and balance the services globally according to the ongoing market. Our  freelancing solutions will allow you to pay attention to your primary company, and help you to use IT as a ideal aggressive system. We provide wide variety of system growth solutions to your company.

Performing any web application program at home requires much time, skilled human resources, and is expensive too. Overseas growth is a affordable alternative. We at Prasad Solutions safeguard our customer’s need, exclusive program and development requirements with very high levels of security. Clients retain full ownership of all his web application rights and program source code throughout growth and at the realization the venture.

We play a significant part in the making difference in our client’s projects & features by our active participation. We help companies to organize their ideal objectives with day-to-day features by enhancing management procedures, enhancing squad’s performance and efficient system of tools & techniques.

We assess a project and determine its objectives, and plan a detail map to achieve those objectives. By following a comprehensive and proven technique of decoding and creating system projects, we turn project principles into reality.The  techniques that allow us to keep and constantly improve the quality of our products and delivers at stably reasonable rates to keep our customers satisfied are:

  1. Well defined project management and transparent project flow.

  2. Clear requirements management process and baseline documentation creation.

  3. Planning/reporting.

  4. Providing solution’s prototypes soon after the start of the project.

  5. Unified quality assurance – from the very beginning till the very end.

Our Information Technology Services:

  • Application Development & Maintenance Service

  • E-Commerce Solutions

  • Website Development Services

  • Software Solutions

  • Mobile Application

  • Internet Marketing Services

  • IT Consulting

  • Outsourcing Services