We at windshield are extremely happy with Prasad Solutions and it has truly been a beautiful experience. Prasad has offered services that precisely catered to all our needs, and have given us the best technology available through Live Chat and Content Management System. We thank you for all your hard work and look forward to working with your company again.
Steven , Netherlands

I had a strong idea of how I wanted the website to look and Prasad Solutions had the technical expertise to put it all together. We have recently rebuilt the website completely and I am delighted with the results. As well as receiving enquiries directly from search results, I refer to the website in all my advertising and I usually find that prospective clients have looked at the website before phoning."
Antoinette Peters
Candidate Consultant , London

Having a website done is journeying back in fince and reaching out to share those pristine moments with others. It was a numerable experience journeying in transit with the Prasad Team mates. Enjoy every moment sensitively shared. Feels Good to be caps wild in my own space curtsy ?-- Prasad---
Zoe ,U.S.

Prasad Solutions worked with us very diligently ensuring that we had a design reflecting our vision and requirements. As a result, our website presented a dramatic change in look, organization of content, and ease of navigation for our users. As the planning for our site progressed and our need for increased functionality changed, the staff was receptive, responsive, and made changes that facilitated the ease of our site updates.
Ahraz , New Delhi

I finally achieved what I've always wanted. With the software, I got an excellent description. The screen design document describes exactly my screens. In the "Functional Design" will get the program so described. In the Database descriptions are all relationships. Thus, we are now independent of programmers, because every time another person's work can take over. That means extreme security for our company.
Ralf Kramer, Munich

we are very excited of the first project with Prasad Solution addressed. For us it was not clear how a project cycle to work and what difficulties we must recover. But even when the target is analysis and the schedule we were very optimistic. At this point I would like to again sincerely thank Mr. Burghardt thank us very competent in the analysis and description of our projects has helped, and repeated his longstanding experience and helpful and very innovative ideas has brought. For programming and implementation, we were always up to date. Problems were directly linked to our project manager (Mr. Burghardt) clarified. The handover and the subsequent test worked perfectly. 4 weeks after delivery of the software we were able to use these. Finally, it to say that the development of our software has worked well and our initial skepticism completely dispelled. Further projects are already Prasad Solution in labor.
Jrn run - Hamburg

After the software is no longer up to date, and a redesign and a conversion actually was too expensive, we are on the lookout for an inexpensive alternative to Prasad Solutions. Unfortunately, we had neither a proper description, even a 100% manual. Once we have the English language are, we have for the "English" Project decided. The cooperation and the implementation of our requirements was more than exceeded expectations. Our software is now in the field of database and design on the newest and most advanced standard that was certainly not the last project with Prasad Solution. A small Wehmutstropfen - The project was a delay of 3 weeks completed, but what is acceptable for a project period of 6 months.
Alfred hunger - (near) Frankfurt

For more than 2 years, I cover my personal tips from Prasad Solutions. Sometime I work with Prasad with 2 to 8 programmers for my company. Often I use to hire coder before 1-2 days so that I can discuss with them about my project in detail before we proceed in full speed. This, I think pure coding task and thus have time for more important things like customer acquisition, customer support, plan new projects ...
Peter Forest - Nuremberg

I like the work but it is very slow. designer is really good in prototypes . Team is good in creating what you are looking for ,but i have done spoon feeding to get what i wanted. They need to come up with their own ideas to finish the task. This is the major area i am seeing things lacking and it should be improved. They need to execute projects better then how they are doing now.
Verinder Bindra
United States

Great work, delivered on time and even made additional changes that we didn't require in the BID and did them for free.
THANK YOU for the great work barcelona
Sherman Oaks, California
United States

These guys are brilliant. I have done a big project with them and my requirement was little diff. than the other project and it does focus to all the customer of the world with the localization including language, currency and date. But atul's team did a great job. He has understood the complete requirement of my project thoroughly and did exactly what i was looking for. IN fact he has suggested my some things which make my project wonderful. Thanks Atul and Team, u will have gr8 future ahead.?
Luigi Barcella - Bergamo