About Us

Prasad Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Web site, Web development and software development services. We offer a variety of solutions and services for Web pages, Web development and business software development. We develop, deploy or migrate your wishes with excellent trained IT professionals.

So if you are the one from the below category.

  *  Your project release is behind the schedule?
  *  You are troubled by your project quality?
  *  There are serious communication problems between you and your development team?
  *  You seek an impartial opinion from a software guru?
  *  You get frustrated by additional expenses that you haven't planned?

We have strong experience in identifying and resolving the root issues of project delays, whether the issues be technical, process, or managerial. We employ best project rescue tactics and comprehensive methodologies that fit the highest industry standards. Our services are applicable for practically all types of software and web development projects, whether preformed in-house or outsourced.

We offer time-effective, yet easy-to-follow project rescue road-maps and strategies for your project to get it on right track. After we eliminate all other negative product issues with documentation, requirements management, change request management. This resulted in transparent, predictable and manageable project flow.