Isocom Vision 2010 -

What better can judge our quality and standard than a team of professional customer’s and a bench of Jury? And they give award to your application out of a number of applications then there is no doubt about the quality and standards.

Yes and that is what we had proved in last years. 2006, 2008 and 2010 continuous 3 times in a row we had won the awards for different software’s in the European market.

Our software’s are not only good in the processing , but their flexibility , robustness and their easy interface make user’s comfortable on the application.

ISOWTC costing software for professional heat insulation engineering calculations. The practical oriented software package was developed in cooperation the Research Institute of Thermal eV (FIW) and leading manufacturers of insulation materials designed to even the highest demands will be. The modern technology of the web-based tools was to the latest safety standards created..

ISOWTC has a sophisticated menu,order to carry out complex tasks efficiently to can. Two calculation modes are possible:

» user mode for standard tasks
» experts for specific and detailed tasks
On the cutting edge of technology

ISOWTC was based on the VDI 2055 and the relevant ISO standards with the support FIW created by experts.The calculations with material values, the manufacturer and with the reference values from the to VDI 2055 and DIN 4140 carried out.


Clear graphic control

- no matter which object you select
- Use no matter what surface you
- No matter how much Dämmlagen be applied
- No matter what manufacturer you have chosen

ISOWTC interactive shows you to your choice, fora picture says more than any description. These and many other innovations ISOWTC do so brilliant simply

What areas covers ISOWTC?

» heat flux
» surface temperature
» Temperature change
» cooling
» lifetime
» condensate
» freezing time
» ...
Isowtc Mobile

There is not a PC. Often,conducted on-site technical assessment be. This too is possible, you have a mobile tool. This is all common Phone systems available e.g. Windows Mobile, iPhone, BlackBerry ....

The following options are available for mobile computation available:
surface temperature         heat flow         temperature changes
condensate                      lifetime            cooling                
freezing time

Also, you have the entire range of componentcalculation are available. The results will be reappears on the screen.