With new features being introduced for both Android and iOS the competition is expected to get fierce in the coming days and undoubtedly both the service providers have already geared up for a major game change. If we go with the market statistics, 2016 has been a year of Android with it capturing around 80% of the market share.

We have compiled a list of 10 convincing reasons why Android still manages to act as a champion over iOS, the ones who have been planning that shift from Android to iPhone need to have a look at these closely.

Reasons Why Android Scores Big On iOS

Well, going with the fact that both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses, but still it has been found that Android promises to offer a much superior package and this is why testing the waters becomes a must.

  1. Lack Of Features: This has been the most powerful complaint registered by iOS users in the past year as the features here are limited and with most of the controls being given to iTunes and other programs users feel helpless.
  2. No Bluetooth File Transfer Support: Although, many would feel that with programs meant for file sharing there is no need for Bluetooth anymore, but still it holds vital importance for the users and with iOS not giving this control the situation is annoying.
  3. Lots Of Free Services: This is yet another area where Android scores big time as there are lots of services that come from Google as free while on the other hand iPhone users need to pay for them.
  4. No Multitasking Support: For the ones who love to use their phone as a complete tool need to invest in an Android rather than iPhone, as the latter one is just that bit to save on the memory does not allow multitasking.
  5. Siri Lacks That Precision: At the very first instance, Siri might look captivating but it lacks that precision to carry out jobs of a personal assistant and Cortana beats it here effortlessly.
  6. No Customization Support: Another big area on which iOS fails to deliver impressive results. With the trend of device customization acting as a complete rage, Android gives you multiple ways to settle in for a polished theme but iOS still has those boring features in place.
  7. Light On The Pocket: Coming to the biggest game changer, iOS is not what everyone can afford all thanks to those heftily priced carrier contracts whereas on the other hand, Android hand phones can easily fit into any budget no matter how small.
  8. Munificent Cloud Services Beat Apple’s iCloud Anytime: Cloud services coming from Google stand hard to beat iCloud anytime and the reason behind this is simple, with more storage, more accessibility and lesser cost Android is giving in an effectual package.
  9. Late Arrival Of NFC: Apple has been too late in bringing NFC as Android has been offering it for years now, another reason why people that android is more towards better communication.
  10. MAPS: We all know Apple MAPS have been a complete disaster and on the same hand the Google Maps are making navigation easy with those taps and swipes.

Now hopefully you know where Android stands in the competition and this is going to help you make a smart platform pick. Good Luck!!

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