Application Maintenance

In the application maintenance life cycle huge amount of the price goes into Program Support & Servicing actions. Research suggest that large organizations spend a typical of 70% of their IT sources on Program Servicing of existing system. Clearly, Application Maintenance provides high potential for advantages in globally organizations.
When you intimately comes in touch with Prasad Solutions, you will find a phenomenal and specific group of professionals having deep skills regarding system maintenance and an understanding of complete section of it. The team primarily focuses on the daily IT activities engaged in maintaining, problem-solving, assessing the system for enhanced efficiency and growth development procedures. Our Project Management techniques gives efficient and appropriate assistance. Problems are resolved quickly, thorough examinations are performed and up-dates are constantly used and qualified with required complex change management recommendations.

Application Development & Maintanence

Our Services includes the following features:

  • Back-end technical  help support
  • Analysis of fault occurrence.
  • Design update
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Code review
  • Testing
  • Documentation maintenance
  • Application Enhancements
  • Service Level Agreements based assistance services
  • 24×7 Support & Maintenance of system systems

Prasad Solutions has perfected its track way of the ongoing exchange of obligations and protocols from customer’s in-house maintenance team to our offshore team. The process begins with our offshore getting non-vital tasks and gradually gets to the amount where our team will believe complete responsibility for technically in-built application  management systems and upkeep it. Prasad Solutions verified techniques help breaking down the servicing process into systematic levels, and sets objectives accordingly for maintaining determined assistance levels.

Our qualified team will offer an Application Maintenance and Enhancement solutions that will offer immediate and exuberant business step-up to your company:

  • Relieve up your useful IT workers and other resources for more ideal and efficient tasks.
  • Brings up best-of-breed technology options to the process.
  • Lowers your cost of ongoing assistance