Rent A Coder

This service is especially for those people who wants dedicated resources (coder) with them so that they can directly discuss with that person at any time of work about the project and keep close eye on his project. After understanding your requirement completely we?ll analyze the best suited techniques as well as resources for that job based on following criteria:-

Nature of Task: Under this we will figure out the best suited techniques for your Job. Is it a windows application or web application or any CRM based customization? Does application use heavy database or only little use of that? Application is supposed to use latest concept based on requirement or it?s an old fashioned simple application.

Difficulty of Task: Under this we will analyze the difficulty of your task. We will figure out whether it?s a simple html application or it is having heavy calculation. Also we look if is there anything which will also affect the speed of the application.

Team Coding: We will see if there is a requirement of only one coder or it requires a team of 2-3 or more people

Once we have analyze then we will introduce you with the person or Team which is best suited for your requirements. After taking a interview of them we can start with the application development or design.

Through our internal documentation (Screen Design Document, Functional Design Document), it is also possible to change any time a "coder" with the other one. if "Your Resources(Coder)" is not available Due to illness or any other personal or official reason then we will provide you with the another person for some time or full time till the project finish. So even if there is any vacation or anything else your work will be on time that is 100% sure.

How It works