Problem Solving

This is the main term when we talk about to select Prasad Solutions. Many European people think that they should develop their product in the Europe only as due to language diff. or other reason people from other country will not able to understand what exactly they want.

But we are Experts in German Language and in European standards and our Developers are expert in solving every problem related to your product or application.

We use following approach to solve any problem depending upon the problem and the source application or Product:

  • Divide and Conquer : break down a large, complex problem into smaller, solvable problems.
  • Hill-climbing strategy : attempting at every step to move closer to the goal situation
  • Means-end analysis : more effective than hill-climbing, requires the setting of sub goals based on the process of getting from the initial state to the goal state when solving a problem.
  • Trial-and-error : also called guess and check in which we guess the reason of the problem and then we check the application
  • Research: study what others have written about the problem (and related problems). Maybe there's already a solution?
  • Assumption reversal : write down your assumptions about the problem, and then reverse them all
  • Analogy: has a similar problem (possibly in a different field) been solved before?
  • Hypothesis testing : assuming a possible explanation to the problem and trying to prove the assumption.