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April , 2008
Won the ISO Award

One of the projects developed in VS 2005 and Sql Server 2005 CE as back end for is functionality and ease of use...

November , 2008
Many New Web Template

Many new webs Template has bead added in the database of Prasad Solutions. One can select any of the web templates out them and can get developed by Prasad Team...


In the current world to have a professional web site is a big challenge before everybody. Our Professional designer's and developer's has designed many professional web sites depending upon the customer requirements.

No matter you want a web site for your Company, for your shop or it's goanna be a blog website. We ll provide you the best design in the market. You can go through our professional template's gallery and choose a template which suits your requirement. If you feel that your requirement is quite different and you would like to have a different template for your web site. Contact us here and we'll provide you with the sample template which wills suite your requirement.